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Citizens United Political Victory Fund has made the following political contributions during the 2021-2022 election cycle to date:

United States Senate

  1. Ron Johnson (WI) - $5,000

United States House of Representatives

  1. Julia Letlow (LA 5) - $1,000
  2. Andy Biggs (AZ 5) - $5,000
  3. Max Miller (OH 16) - $5,000
  4. Claudia Tenney (NY 22) - $2,500
  5. Jeff Duncan (SC 3) - $1,000
  6. Scott Perry (PA 10) - $1,000
  7. Mike Johnson (LA 4) - $1,000
  8. Jerry Carl (AL 1) - $1,000
  9. Susan Wright (TX 6) - $2,500


  1. Team Rand - $2,500

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