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FOX NEWS: DAVID BOSSIE: Pennsylvania proves Republicans still want 'America First'

Despite being victorious in an amazing 58 of the 59 primary elections in which he endorsed a candidate going into Tuesday night’s contests in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Idaho, and Oregon, the biased mainstream media and political establishment were poised to launch another assault on President Donald Trump’s strength in the Republican Party if his latest slate of candidates had a subpar showing.

And once again, it didn’t happen by a long shot.

As each week of primaries come and go, Trump haters desperately want their preferred narrative to take hold, but it never does. The former president’s support among GOP primary voters is proving to be as resilient and loyal as ever, much to the chagrin of those yearning to write his political obituary. But facts are stubborn things and today the polls show that President Trump can’t be seriously challenged in the Republican presidential primary in 2024 if he chooses to run again.

The trends that continued last night across the country are crystal clear. Voters know that President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda is the right one for our country, and they want MAGA, anti-establishment political outsiders to represent them in elected office.

In North Carolina’s primary election for U.S. Senate, conservative Congressman Ted Budd fit the bill perfectly. President Trump endorsed Budd early on, and it paid off in spectacular fashion. In fact, Trump’s stamp of approval paved the way for Congressman Budd to win a once unthinkable 59% of the vote in a crowded and competitive field of candidates that included a popular former governor. The liberal media will work hard to sweep the implications of Budd’s massive haul under the rug, but what it means is unmistakable. President Trump remains very strong in the critically important battleground state of North Carolina.

The results in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate primary are still too close to call at this hour; however Trump-endorsed candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz has the lead. The race appears headed to a recount, but anyone who follows tight elections knows that Oz’s current vote lead will be very difficult – if not impossible – to overcome.

The top three finishers, Oz, Dave McCormick and Kathy Barnette, are all conservative political outsiders in the Trumpian tradition, all campaigned for President Trump’s endorsement and strongly support his America First agenda. Furthermore, the field of Republican candidates received more than 140,000 more votes than their Democrat counterparts. This enthusiasm gap could make all the difference in the general election in the all-important Keystone State. In the gubernatorial election, President Trump’s endorsement propelled conservative State Sen. Doug Mastriano to victory. Before Trump threw his support behind Mastriano, he was polling in the 20s. But on election night with Trump in his corner, he received a whopping 44% of the vote in a very crowded field. Those numbers are an exclamation point that can’t be ignored.

Other than the Oz-McCormick race which is still up in the air, President Trump had a very strong night winning 23 out of 25 races he endorsed in for the May 17 primaries. Even in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district primary where freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn was defeated due to an avalanche of negative news reports, he still only lost by 1,300 votes. And in the Tar Heel State’s 13th district, Trump endorsed candidate Bo Hines won handily even though the “experts” were predicting a nail biter.

In Idaho’s Republican primary for state attorney general, anti-establishment conservative Raul Labrador defeated the state’s longest serving Attorney General Lawrence Wasden by the wide margin of 51% to 39%. Labrador is a former four-term congressman and leading member of the House Freedom Caucus. These convincing results make it clear that voters fully understand that their constitutional rights and God-given liberties are under assault by the Biden administration, and they want tough state attorneys general to band together and take a stand.

Now it’s onto next Tuesday’s primary contests in Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia. President Trump will win most of the races he endorsed a candidate in, maybe lose a race here or there, and some will likely go to a run-off. Regardless, the anti-Trump media and anti-Trump political establishment will be ready to pounce.

But here’s one thing we know for certain: every Republican candidate who prevails in the next round of primaries will do so because he or she supports Trump America First policies. As each primary comes and goes, one undeniable fact will emerge. Voters are longing for the Trump years of promises made and promises kept. They want a booming economy, low gas prices, a secure border, safe streets, and a peace through strength foreign policy. So, while tracking endorsements, wins and losses is good for ratings and clicks, it’s important not to lose sight of where the hearts and minds of the American people are.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor, the 2016 deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, and the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the Clinton administration. He is the co-author with Corey Lewandowski of “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds,” along with “Let Trump Be Trump” and “Trump’s Enemies.”

WASHINGTON TIMES: DAVID BOSSIE: The optics of the stale Jan. 6 hearings and pro-abortion protests

 What a bizarre spectacle it’s going to be the week of June 9 when the illegitimate Jan. 6 select committee finally kicks off its ultra-partisan public hearings at the U.S. Capitol as left-wing civic unrest is occurring simultaneously across the street at the U.S. Supreme Court.

After foolishly raising expectations and delaying hearings for months, the infamous committee of desperate leakers and liars will finally let America look behind the curtain to see what they came up with. The hearings will be the culmination of Congress’ latest taxpayer-funded anti-Trump witch hunt that has interviewed nearly 1,000 witnesses, reviewed over 100,000 documents and come up with absolutely nothing new. After all, this is all about politics — and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The anticlimactic hearings will likely focus on leaked documents and testimony that were first in the news months ago — with the biased mainstream media doing its part to make it appear fresh and interesting — but the American people know better. The real story of course will be unfolding at the Supreme Court with the pending decision to overturn the horrible Roe v. Wade decision. It’s there, that a mob of unhinged left-wing radicals will be threatening justices and intimidating fellow Americans who dare exercise their free speech rights by declaring “I support life.”

This will be happening a month after Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s draft opinion was illegally leaked in order to change the subject from Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency. Since the leak, leftist thugs have started showing up at the homes of justices who dare follow the law and the Constitution. We will see over the next month that no arrests will be made in connection with the leak and the liberal media will stop giving updates about the investigation because the identity of the leaker will damage their preferred political narrative. As Jan. 6 rioters continue to get the book thrown at them, liberal protesters and leakers are allowed to attack Democracy with no accountability whatsoever. The double standard gets more disgusting with each passing day.

The biased corporate media has gotten into an awful habit of covering the wrong story. First, they dishonestly covered the fake Trump-Russia hoax instead of the Clinton setup, and most recently they’ve been hyperventilating over House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy talking about former President Donald Trump and the 25th Amendment as they sit back and ignore the current occupant of the Oval Office who is unable to string simple sentences together. If there was ever a reason to invoke the 25th Amendment for a president, it’s right now.

The optics of the establishment media obsessing over the stale hearings we’re all in store for as the radical left takes to the streets in the name of unlimited abortion will be priceless. This will be happening as the Biden White House and Justice Department give a free pass to the mob of bullies, and as Democrat senators spew any angry vitriol they please without repercussion. But the Jan. 6 committee will be on prime-time television targeting Mr. Trump for telling a crowd of his supporters to peacefully make their voices heard.

At the end of the day, the Jan. 6 committee hearings are going to come and go. The American people already know what happened, and they don’t need a detached group of career politicians in Washington telling them what they already know. Hardworking American taxpayers are too busy dealing with crippling inflation and exploding gas prices and too worried about spiking crime and critical race theory. They want to know why Congress is wasting time attacking Mr. Trump a year and a half after he left office instead of trying to solve the real problems that Americans are struggling with every day.

This failure by congressional Democrats is just one of the reasons they’ll be swept from power in less than six months from now. The American people didn’t vote for radicalism, socialism or sheer incompetence in 2020, and they certainly didn’t vote for endless Trump investigations, but sadly, that’s exactly what they got from Mr. Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the unchecked left.

Throwing a temper tantrum over Roe v. Wade’s demise isn’t going to change anything. The liberal media let the Democrats have their way with America and now look at the shape we’re in. It’s time for a coalition of common sense conservative voters to put an end to the left’s absolute power before it’s too late to pull out of the nosedive their policies have put us in.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.

David N. Bossie and Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorse Conservative Nicolee Ambrose for U.S. House

“Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m pleased to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for the U.S. House from Maryland’s 2nd congressional district.  After witnessing the damage that Joe Biden’s radical socialist agenda has done to our country over the past year and a half, we need principled conservatives like Nicolee Ambrose in Congress now more than ever to get America back on the right track. 

Nicolee is a courageous leader who will wake up every day focused on the issues most important to her constituents and she’ll never be a rubberstamp for anyone. Nicolee is one of hardest workers I know and I know she’ll be a tireless advocate for the residents of Maryland’s 2nd congressional district.

With our institutions being threatened, Nicolee will never stop defending the U.S Constitution and fighting for our God-given liberty. She’ll be focused on solving problems like Biden’s inflation crisis, crime crisis and border crisis with common sense solutions. Nicolee will be part of a new conservative majority in Congress that will stop the failed Biden-Pelosi agenda and always put America first.

I encourage all Republican primary voters in MD-2 to vote for Nicolee Ambrose.”

-Citizens United President David N. Bossie

WASHINGTON TIMES: DAVID BOSSIE: The vendetta against Liz Cheney

The Republican primary for Wyoming’s lone congressional seat is shaping up to be one of the most high-stakes intra-party battles we’ve seen in a long time. Three-term incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney is being challenged by Harriet Hageman, the Trump-endorsed conservative outsider.

Ms. Cheney has drawn this formidable opponent from the right because she sided with unhinged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by voting to impeach former President Donald Trump for the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol before an investigation was conducted to find out what happened. It was an irresponsible and foolish move by Ms. Cheney that completely ignored House precedent and the rule of law, and taints any future necessary impeachment inquiries. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am supporting Ms. Hageman’s candidacy now and was a supporter of Ms. Cheney in the past before Trump Derangement Syndrome got the best of her.

For the past year, Ms. Cheney has prioritized helping Mrs. Pelosi and the radical left-wing Democrats retain control of the House of Representatives in the next Congress so she can continue investigating Mr. Trump as co-chair of the Jan. 6 select committee — an illegitimate taxpayer-funded political witch hunt. Despite coming up completely empty to date, this sham committee appears determined to investigate Trump forever and ever.

At a time when our country desperately needs to remove Mrs. Pelosi from power so President Biden can no longer move his disastrous agenda that has caused an inflation crisis, border crisis and crime crisis, Ms. Cheney has chosen to look the other way in favor of trying to destroy Mr. Trump for selfish political purposes.

Ms. Cheney’s actions are unforgivable, and the evidence suggests her time abusing power in the U.S. House of Representatives will soon come to an end. By all indications, Ms. Hageman is shaping up to be an excellent candidate who is working hard in the state, raising money and being in a position to win the primary election on Aug. 16. In fact, one early survey showed Ms. Hageman leading Ms. Cheney by 20 points, 38% to 18%.

The only takeaway for a candidate with 100% name identification who garners just 18% of the vote among Republican primary voters in their home state is clear: The end is near.

Straw polls are providing a similar snapshot of Ms. Cheney’s plummeting support. A survey of Wyoming party activists recently gave 59 votes to Hageman and only 6 votes to Cheney, a daughter of a respected former vice president of the United States. The times are indeed changing for the Republican Party. In today’s divided America, where Democrats are actively attempting to fundamentally transform our country into the next failed socialist state, Ms. Cheney’s anti-Trump crusade is seen among Wyoming primary voters as the wrong thing to focus on at the worst possible time. It’s that simple.

Furthermore, the Wyoming State GOP’s vote to stop recognizing their only representative in Congress as a member of the Wyoming Republican Party along with the Republican National Committee’s unprecedented censure of Ms. Cheney for aiding Mrs. Pelosi in her quest to remain House speaker for two more years is proof positive that the conservative grassroots has had more than enough.

The biased corporate media is pointing to Cheney’s massive $6.7 million dollar war chest as a possible lifeline for her fading political fortunes, but any student of political campaigns knows that it’s virtually impossible to spend that amount of campaign cash in a sparsely populated state like Wyoming. But that enormous dollar figure comes with an eye-popping downside.

According to one recent analysis, “of the 3,313 individuals who gave Ms. Cheney at least $200 in the first three months of this year, 63 live in Wyoming. Of the 880 donors to Ms. Hageman, 264 are Wyomingites.” This embarrassing lack of financial support from her constituents — the people who supposedly know her best (or in Ms. Cheney’s case perhaps least) — tells us all we need to know. To make matters worse for Ms. Cheney, Ms. Hageman’s $1 million cash on hand number is an extremely impressive haul for any candidate for the U.S. House, much less a challenger not of the Washington establishment.

Now all eyes are on Wyoming’s rapidly approaching candidate filing period, which takes place between May 12 and May 27. The political world is waiting with bated breath to see if Ms. Cheney files to run in the Republican primary or opts out of the GOP race and instead seeks to qualify as an independent candidate over the summer. In typical Cheney fashion, she’s playing her cards close to the vest with a big assist from the anti-Trump liberal media that won’t dare pressure their darling of the moment to divulge her plans prematurely.

However, there could be a third option that Ms. Cheney is mulling. The nearly $7 million sitting in her campaign account could be a dead-ender’s way to try and start an anti-Trump presidential campaign. While the chances of defeating Mr. Trump in a primary campaign if he chooses to run are slim to none, it may be the only political move Ms. Cheney has left to play. And this would confirm what we’ve known all along: the Jan. 6 Committee that Ms. Cheney helps lead is just another anti-Trump political vendetta looking to damage him going into 2024.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.

FOX NEWS: DAVID BOSSIE: On Hunter Biden, White House can run but it cannot hide much longer

As the old saying goes, the chickens are finally coming home to roost. The revelation that a close business associate of Hunter Biden’s was granted access to the Obama-Biden White House on nearly 20 occasions is the just latest shoe to drop in a Pulitzer Prize-worthy story of power and corruption that’s becoming known simply as "Biden, Inc." 

This new disclosure is part of the shady operation that the mainstream media ignored for years to cover for Joe Biden -- is now picking up steam at the worst possible time for the president.

It’s a textbook case of the Washington swamp at its worst and how the politically connected cash in on family members who are elected to high office year after year. And it’s high time for the Biden White House to finally start answering questions.

Richard Nixon answered questions about Watergate. Ronald Reagan answered questions about Iran-Contra. Bill and Hillary Clinton answered questions about Whitewater. Donald Trump answered more questions than any president ever about every topic imaginable. So, why does Joe Biden continue to get the kid gloves treatment?

The White House press corps must make life difficult for this White House on the issue of alleged Biden family corruption because it’s their job to do so, period.

The days of arrogant Press Secretary Jen Psaki being let off the hook by her pals in the liberal media must come to an end. This is a serious matter that must be dealt with in an up front and transparent manner.

Attorney General Merrick Garland should start by getting his department’s investigation of Hunter Biden out of the hands of President Biden and his political cronies in the West Wing.

It’s a nice talking point, but it doesn’t matter that the U.S. attorney in Delaware who’s conducting the investigation is a Trump appointee; what matters is that the Biden Justice Department cannot be trusted to oversee an investigation into a member of the president’s family -- or potentially the president himself. It’s a crystal clear conflict of interest and is the very reason that the special counsel statute exists in the first place.

Appointing an independent special counsel in this case is simply the right thing to do. Refusing to do so is part of the reason why a whopping 56 percent of the American people "don’t trust the government much or at all" to do what is right according to recent survey data.

Furthermore, House Republicans should be putting pressure on the Democrat-controlled Congress to start asking questions about Hunter Biden now -- or it’s going to make the tsunami that’s coming their way in November that much worse.

Never before has a party in control of Congress been allowed to ignore a story of this magnitude. Hunter’s international business ties to China, Russia and Ukraine alone are enough for even a casual observer to wonder if President Biden is compromised.

Many believe that the Biden family’s financial connections to our adversaries are a threat to U.S. national security and that it’s long past time for Congress to fulfil its constitutional oversight duty -- regardless of who’s in the majority.

Surely the Pelosi-controlled House of Representatives can handle more than just the January 6 Committee’s nonstop harassment of former President Trump.

If only the biased media had done its job on the Biden family corruption story from the get-go.

If only Big Tech hadn’t censored the story about Hunter’s laptop for so long. If only the Trump-hating Washington establishment hadn’t falsely labeled it Russia disinformation.

If this story had been investigated then, what’s been revealed this week and what’s in store in the weeks to come would have come out a long time ago; and it wouldn’t be putting Biden’s presidency in jeopardy. The cover-up is almost always worse than the crime -- and much more politically costly.

In August 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned the presidency because he realized he was going to be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate.

Now fast-forward to 2022. Biden family corruption makes Watergate look like a parking citation. And let’s face reality; it’s only going to get worse when Republicans take back the majority in Congress and start exercising their subpoena and deposition authority.

Joe Biden should consider following in the footsteps of Tricky Dick -- it might also save the Democratic Party in the process.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor, the 2016 deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, and the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the Clinton administration. He is the co-author with Corey Lewandowski of “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds,” along with "Let Trump Be Trump" and “Trump’s Enemies.”

WASHINGTON TIMES: DAVID BOSSIE: Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘donations’ rigged the 2020 election

The 2020 presidential election was decided by just 42,000 votes in three states. If the 37 electoral votes in Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia had flipped the other way, President Biden would not be president right now. During the toss-up election we experienced in 2020, both sides were looking for innovative ways to gain an advantage over their opponent due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. A major adjustment or a minor tweak to the allocation of campaign resources could make all the difference because it came down to mere thousands of votes out of over 150 million cast to decide the next leader of the free world.

That brings us to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “donation” of nearly $400 million during the 2020 election. “Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump” investigates why Zuckerberg made the unprecedented investment in the election, follows the money through official tax documents and seeks to set the record straight about exactly what happened.

The film’s all-star cast includes former President Donald Trump, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Ted Cruz, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, former Ohio State Secretary Ken Blackwell, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and more.

For nearly two years, the liberal media has ignored this Pulitzer Prize-worthy story just like they blew off the Hunter Biden laptop story until recently.

Hopefully this new documentary will put some pressure on the biased corporate media to stop looking the other way. A lot of people ask, in today’s politics, is $400 million that big a deal? Well, look at it this way: The Democrat National Committee’s total expenditures for the entire two-year 2020 election cycle were $461 million!

By using the excuse of the COVID-19 emergency, roughly $400 million flowed through two liberal-leaning 501(c)(3) organizations under the guise of supporting a safe election during the pandemic in 2020. What ended up happening amounted to an enormous Democrat voter turnout operation complete with mass mail-in voting, insecure drop boxes, recruiting poll workers and ballot curing — all courtesy of “Zuck bucks.”

The group that got the bulk of Mr. Zuckerberg’s money — the Center for Tech and Civic Life — sent some 2,500 grants to government elections offices in 48 states. Defenders of Mr. Zuckerberg contend that more grants went to Trump areas while conveniently ignoring the fact that the vast amount of money was targeted to critically important areas for Mr. Biden. In fact, approximately 160 of the 2,500 grants were for $400,000 or more and totaled a whopping $272 million — and 92% of the money flowed to jurisdictions that Mr. Biden carried.

Mr. Zuckerberg’s people claim that this was a nonpartisan effort — because 501(c)(3) funded projects must be as a matter of law. However, public records suggest it was partisan — highly partisan in fact. The fact is that an overwhelming percentage of the funds were distributed exactly where Mr. Biden needed the most help: In critically important jurisdictions within Electoral College battleground states and to Democrat vote-rich areas around the country to boost Mr. Biden’s popular vote tally.

So, why did Mr. Zuckerberg decide to do this? In the wake of the 2016 election, Mr. Zuckerberg was attacked and questioned by many on the left — from Hillary Clinton to his own employees — because his platform was instrumental in helping Mr. Trump win the presidency. It appears that Mr. Zuckerberg’s herculean $400 million spending spree on the 2020 election may have been an attempt to “right his wrong” with the left over what it blamed him for in 2016. There’s simply no way he would have made this investment if it could have possibly helped Mr. Trump get reelected.

Much of Mr. Zuckerberg’s money is documented by CTCL’s tax filings. The January 2022 report shows grants of $860,000 to Kenosha, $1.2 million to both Green Bay and Madison, $1.7 million to Racine, and $3.4 million to Milwaukee. These five critical cities alone received about $8.5 million of the $10.1 million that flowed into Wisconsin from CTCL, and $5.1 million dollars of Mr. Zuckerberg’s money was spent in Arizona. Four difference-making counties — Maricopa, Pima, Apache and Coconino — were carried by President Biden and received nearly 76% of CTCL’s grants. This funding helped Biden grow his turnout by nearly 700,000 votes in funded counties over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 total. CTCL sent $45 million to Georgia — more than any other state in the country — and 94% of the funds went to jurisdictions carried by Mr. Biden.

It’s clear that Mr. Zuckerberg’s money was a key difference-maker in 2020.

In the film, Mr. Cruz describes the operation as “ruthlessly effective.” I like to say that if nothing improper occurred as Mr. Zuckerberg insists, why have 12 states and counting enacted laws that ban or restrict the private funding of elections? It’s also worth noting that five Democratic governors have vetoed similar legislation in their own states, which should tell you all you need to know about whether the plan was partisan or not.

“Rigged” seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of the Zuckerberg model of private election funding. Recently, Justice Gableman’s report alleged an election bribery scheme in Wisconsin and Mr. Landry had a big win in court in his ongoing investigation of private election funding in Louisiana. There was nothing free or fair about the infamous 2020 “Zuck bucks” operation. Those responsible must be held accountable and we must all work to make sure it never happens again.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.


Before Russian President Vladimir Putin started his unprovoked war on Ukraine, President Biden’s focus was on domestic policy. For his first 13 months in office, Mr. Biden chose to ignore the 2020 election results, mandate unwanted transformational change and make the tragic blunder of governing as if the American people voted for a radical left-wing agenda. These unforced errors set the tone for one of the worst starts of a presidency in American history.

Mr. Biden’s inability to differentiate the liberal spin of his radical senior advisers from reality has paved the way for America’s border crisis, inflation crisis, crime crisis, energy dependence crisis and gas price crisis. The president’s wrongheaded decision to adopt the policies of the socialist left en bloc caused his approval rating to hit the disastrous level of 42% approval compared to 57% disapproval on the eve of Mr. Putin’s invasion.

Now, Mr. Putin’s ongoing war crimes are being interpreted by the Biden White House as a political lifeline at the most opportune time imaginable. Just as desperate career politicians like Mr. Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi removed their masks and declared a return to normalcy from COVID-19 when they needed it most, if there was ever a need for an international distraction from their catastrophic domestic agenda, it’s now.

But this shift by the Democratic Party and their allies in the mainstream media attempting to get the American people to rally around Mr. Biden in the midst of a deadly international crisis isn’t working and here’s why. It’s been a month now since Mr. Putin started indiscriminately killing innocent civilians — including women, children and elderly Ukrainians — yet Biden’s approval rating has actually fallen to 40% approval and 58% disapproval in the process. Regardless of all the gaffes, Mr. Biden can’t capitalize politically on Mr. Putin’s murderous rampage because the American people lost faith in his leadership long ago.

This president lost the American people when he promised unity but practiced the opposite time and time again. He lost the American people when he promised to be moderate yet mimicked the talking points of socialists Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez without fail. And he lost the American people for good when he traveled to Atlanta in January and labeled anyone who didn’t support his horrible Washington takeover of elections legislation as racists and segregationists. As a political matter, when someone wins a controversial election by a razor-thin margin of 42,000 votes in three states, this is no way to govern.

As we all know, Mr. Biden’s ascension to the presidency happened for a very unique reason. He was chosen by default by Democratic Party bosses to be the vessel to take on former President Donald Trump, but he failed to capture the hearts and minds of his fellow countrymen.

Presidents such as John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Mr. Trump were successful because they forged a bond with tens of millions of Americans through their words and deeds. By contrast, when the going got tough, Mr. Biden hid in his basement. He didn’t campaign; he didn’t answer tough questions; and perhaps most importantly, he didn’t earn it. At the end of the day, Mr. Biden was elected under the pandemic response of mail-in ballots, usurpation of state laws and speculative ballot-counting practices seen in several states.

Upon taking office, Mr. Biden could have risen to the occasion. He should have stood up to the lawless agenda his staff was pushing and said no to the socialist special interests. He could have done what was best for a divided country in its moment of crisis, but he refused.

Instead, Mr. Biden, the career politician, seemed to be acknowledging with his actions that he owed the left-wing establishment for electing him and now he was paying them back. Look no further than his inability to say no to climate extremists in the midst of exploding gas prices. Look no further than our open southern border. Look no further than the defund police movement and the spike in violent crime. Look no further than the out-of-control federal spending.

This is why there is nothing Mr. Biden can do or say that will make his approval rating turn around in time to rescue the Democrats from the tsunami that’s going to hit on Election Day in November. Showing up in Europe and holding hands with world leaders might make his liberal base feel good, but it won’t do a thing to deter Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin only understands strength, and he already knows Mr. Biden won’t take the necessary steps to help the Ukrainians prevail in their hour of need because he’s owned by his senior staff and the radical left.

The only thing this president seems to be any good at is constantly reminding the people who voted for him that elections do indeed have dire consequences.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President. Rep. Jeff Duncan is an American politician who has been the United States representative for South Carolina’s 3rd congressional district since 2011.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Does the judge in the Sussmann case have a conflict of interest?

In the course of an ongoing legal proceeding, when it’s discovered that a defense lawyer, prosecutor or presiding judge’s spouse is representing an individual who might be a witness in the case, is that grounds for recusal?  

That’s the glaring issue at hand that the mainstream media is ignoring in a high-profile criminal trial that will expose the Hillary Clinton campaign’s efforts to frame former President Donald Trump with phony evidence of colluding with the government of Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. Even though the Russia hoax has long since been debunked, it has now boomeranged on some people involved in concocting the scheme.

Eyebrows were raised recently when U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper chose to call out prosecutors in the office of Special Counsel John Durham at a court hearing over a filing made by Durham’s team that contained previously unknown details about their investigation. The filing in question added fuel to the allegations that there was a spying operation against Mr. Trump before his election and during his presidency.

The defendant in the case is Michael Sussmann, a lawyer who stands accused of making false statements to the FBI about who he was representing when he met with then-FBI General Counsel James Baker to “brief” him about fabricated Trump-Russia connections. Government prosecutors are alleging that Mr. Sussmann was briefing Mr. Baker on behalf of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign but failed to divulge the sinister arrangement.

Judge Cooper, an Obama appointee, seemed to be putting the prosecution on notice about publicly disclosing factual evidence that might paint Democrats in a bad light. Judge Cooper said, “Keep in mind that the pleadings, in this case, are under a microscope and may be employed for one reason or another by folks for reasons that have nothing to do with the ultimate issues in this case.” Although it’s commonplace for government lawyers to include new facts in court filings, some viewed Mr. Cooper’s decision to address the controversial filing in this fashion as an act of chutzpah.

The reason being is Judge Cooper has a conflict in this case. If you believe in small worlds, Mr. Cooper’s wife Amy Jeffress represents former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who became infamous for her outrageous text messages with former FBI agent Peter Strzok when they were overseeing the hyper-politicized Crossfire Hurricane investigation of then-candidate Donald Trump. Ms. Jeffress previously worked in senior positions at the Obama Justice Department under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder. The fact that the Durham filing asked Judge Cooper to review potential conflicts involving Mr. Sussmann’s attorneys makes the whole situation even more ironic.

The questions that come to mind as to whether Judge Cooper should recuse himself from the Sussmann case are common sense.

Is Lisa Page a witness in the Sussmann case?

Did Ms. Page or Mr. Strzok meet with Mr. Sussmann?

Did Mr. Baker discuss his meeting with Mr. Sussmann with Ms. Page?

Was Ms. Page involved in setting up Mr. Baker’s meeting with Mr. Sussmann?

Has Special Counsel Durham’s office interviewed Ms. Page?

Has Special Counsel Durham reviewed testimony Ms. Page has given in other investigations?

These are all matters that Ms. Page’s attorney would be involved in, and the American people deserve answers. Many believe that if this were a case involving a Republican-appointed judge in a trial concerning a Republican, a recusal would have been demanded and carried out long ago. The corporate mainstream media’s refusal to cover this double standard is just the latest failure in a parade of miscalculations involving their coverage of the Trump-Russia lie.

There should be a public debate about whether it is proper for Judge Cooper to preside in the case of the United States v. Michael Sussmann. To the average American, these connections raise concerns about whether there is one set of rules in our justice system for elitists and another set of rules for everyone else. After everything our country has endured since the 2016 election, all in the name of “getting” Mr. Trump by any means necessary, from the Mueller investigation to the Michael Flynn debacle, to the Carter Page FISA warrants, to Rep. Adam Schiff’s impeachment flop, it’s a good time for some honesty and transparency. That would help restore some trust.

It’s tough to remember a time in history when so much was riding on a trial involving a one-count indictment, but everyone is well aware of the stakes here. That’s why it’s so critically important — after all the missteps — for the government and the mainstream media to get this right. Judge Cooper’s recusal and fair coverage of it would be a good start.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.


The illegitimate January 6 Committee was in dire need of another fake news headline to stay relevant, and it sure got one.

“Jan. 6 Committee Lays Out Potential Criminal Charges Against Trump,” screamed the headline from The New York Times in their latest anti-Trump screed. There’s just one problem with this – congressional fact-finding committees can’t file criminal charges. Not to mention, the politicized select committee appears to have already decided on its preferred conclusion before completing its investigation.

Recently, the committee that’s made up of seven Democrats, two Republicans in name only, and zero Republicans made a politically-inspired filing in a federal civil case alleging that President Donald Trump engaged in a criminal conspiracy while he was trying to make sure only valid votes were counted in the 2020 presidential election. Only faux prosecutors on a phony committee perpetually abusing its power would think concocting this story was a good idea. This new court filing is just the latest act of desperation by a committee that set expectations way too high and is now trying to do something to satisfy the Trump-haters who are frothing at the mouth.

Instead of holding a public hearing or releasing a report laying out their findings, this unhinged legislative body continues to behave like a prosecution conducting a secret grand jury investigation. And rather than focusing on the tragic events of January 6th, the committee continues to operate with a reckless disregard for House rules and precedent. Witnesses have no due process rights in this inquisition and have suffered from the committee’s repeated abuse of its limited constitutional authority.

The January 6 Committee’s pathological pursuit of former President Trump wreaks havoc on the American legal system. The most recent collateral damage from the gang that couldn’t shoot straight also happens to be the oldest evidentiary privilege in law: The Attorney-Client Privilege. This privilege protects every American’s right to candid, confidential conversations with legal counsel. It helps counsel provide reliable advice to clients and encourages clients to share complete information with their counsel. This sacrosanct privilege is most important during times of massive government overreach and prosecutorial abuse. As we have seen over the past few months, the January 6 Committee represents the worst of both these flaws.

The committee’s filing in the District Court for the Central District of California is an opposition research document borne from partisan hands. It’s completely frivolous, and the Members of Congress and committee lawyers responsible for the filing should be referred to the House Ethics Committee for investigation. This outrageous filing would have you believe that only Democrats are permitted to contest election results in our country. Even The New York Times wrote in describing the document that “the filing disclosed only limited new evidence….” There’s a reason for that; the January 6 Committee has laid a big goose egg.

How desperate has the committee become? It’s now targeting lawyers for the sin of advising then-President Trump in his official capacity.

Law professor and renowned constitutional scholar John Eastman is only the latest target. According to the committee’s most recent court filing against him, Mr. Eastman’s alleged crime is that he provided legal advice to a sitting President of the United States regarding technical interpretations of the Electoral Count Act.

That’s it; that’s the sum of their case. But providing confidential legal counsel is precisely the reason why the attorney-client privilege exists. If it did not exist, your average American would stand before government tribunals without the full protection of counsel. As for Professor Eastman, President Trump had every right to review all of his constitutional options.

This sham committee should do something in the open for a change and release the transcripts of all 650 interviews it’s conducted to date.

The American people deserve complete transparency from this opaque unconstitutional prosecution conducted by partisan Washington politicians. Let the people read all the evidence themselves and draw their own conclusions.

It’s becoming obvious that the January 6 Committee is on life support. They’ve telegraphed that they plan to hold hearings in April and issue a report in June. If they had the goods, they wouldn’t limit themselves to just two months of hearings. And moreover, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, and Committee Co-Chair Liz Cheney certainly wouldn’t release a report that will get lost going into the long hot summer if it had any chance of hurting GOP prospects at the ballot box in November. Maybe, just maybe, the Democrats have decided to wrap up their failed inquisition and do something the American people care about, like trying to fix the inflation, crime, and border crises they created before the midterm tsunami wipes them out.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.


President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. The speech came at a moment when the state of the union hasn’t been this bad since President Jimmy Carter delivered his last State of the Union address in January 1980.

At that time, America was dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis, suffocating inflation, energy shortages, and the uncertain feeling of malaise in the air. The Soviet Union had also just invaded Afghanistan the previous month. It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In fact, Biden’s speech and Carter’s remarks more than four decades ago could almost be used interchangeably.

On that note, here are my five takeaways from Joe Biden’s weak and ineffective first State of the Union address.

Takeaway # 1: Weakness is still the key word

In President Carter’s address, he stated, “but now the Soviet Union has taken a radical and an aggressive new step. It’s using its great military power against a relatively defenseless nation. The implications of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan could pose the most serious threat to the peace since the Second World War.”

Carter wasn’t wrong in his description. And the politicians and experts making similar claims about Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine aren’t wrong either. However, what can’t be ignored is that the reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and Ukraine in 2022 are the same. It all comes back to weakness in the Oval Office.

By the time Soviet tanks rolled into Kabul 42 years ago, Jimmy Carter’s reputation as a weak leader had been well-established and the Communists in Moscow took full advantage of it.

Over the past year, President Biden has cemented an eerily similar image that has yielded the same results — liberty in retreat.

Takeaway #2: The peace through strength doctrine works

Biden’s refusal to get tough with China — in the tradition of the Trump America First agenda — along with his incompetent and impeachable withdrawal from Afghanistan have emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Dictators like Putin only understand strength. And with the absence of strength coming from the current American president, there’s no deterrent to the thugs of the world who wish to do evil things.

Moreover, we’re also seeing that NATO and the United Nations are only as strong as whoever is sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

A peace through strength foreign policy helped propel both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump to the presidency and put our adversaries on notice.

Conversely, Carter and Biden’s complete inability to project strength puts America at a severe disadvantage.

At this precarious moment for America and the world, mean tweets from a political outsider from New York don’t seem all that bad.

Takeaway #3: Pivoting to foreign policy won’t work

When Jimmy Carter was about to leave office in December 1980, his approval rating stood at 34 percent and his presidency was viewed by many as a dismal failure. Similarly, the first year of the Biden presidency was a failure across the board.

President Biden’s irresponsible and radical leftist policies created a border crisis, a crime crisis, an inflation crisis and an Afghanistan crisis. That’s why his approval rating is clocking in at a dangerously low 37 percent.

In his address to the nation on Tuesday night, Biden’s feeble attempt to rally Americans around a presidency that’s in freefall, by focusing on defending freedom and democracy abroad, will come up short because he’s lost all credibility on the issue already.

Look no further than the fact that Biden is polling underwater on foreign policy matters with 38 percent of Americans approving his leadership and 58 percent disapproving.

The American people will never forget how Biden broke his promise and left Americans behind on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2021.

Takeaway #4: Trump was right on energy policy and Biden is wrong

In his January 1980 address to the nation, President Carter said that “the crises in Iran and Afghanistan have dramatized a very important lesson: Our excessive dependence on foreign oil is a clear and present danger to our nation’s security.”

President Trump understood this and successfully made America energy independent by unleashing our abundant domestic energy resources.

As soon as Joe Biden took office, he caved to the radical left-wing special interests in his party and made our country once again dependent on foreign energy.

Now, instead of admitting his mistake and adopting the successful Trump energy policy for the sake of national security, Biden remains boxed in by his socialist base and the U.S. will continue to buy oil from Russia while lining Putin’s corrupt pockets.

Takeaway #5: Under Biden, America is not strong

Jimmy Carter wasn’t a successful president but he gave it straight to the American people. In his last state of the union speech he told the American people that the “last few months has not been an easy time for any of us.” While President Carter didn’t know how to solve our problems, he didn’t gloss over them.

President Biden by contrast is addicted to telling Americans the lie that his economic and foreign policies are working and that we’re making progress.

Biden has no answer for record inflation or the skyrocketing gas prices that are crushing hardworking American taxpayers.

After a year of out of control spending, no one believes that Biden’s policies will cut the deficit or our ever-growing $30 trillion national debt.

Biden’s decision to double down on his stalled leftist agenda isn’t what struggling Americans wanted to hear. He should have listened to former Obama adviser David Axelrod’s advice: “You simply cannot jawbone Americans into believing that things are better than [how] they feel.”

Biden also made clear that his COVID-19 policy was dictated by politics all along and not science.

History will remember that when it was time to choose between power and science, Democrats chose power. But people see that the sudden shift to a post-COVID mentality is all about the Democrats trying to fight off the coming GOP tidal wave in the 2022 midterms elections.

At the end of the day, President Biden didn’t unite the American people during his first year in office, but instead he chose to further divide us with his rhetoric. Instead of shutting down COVID-19, Biden chose political science over medical science. And now Biden is claiming that he support polices and border security is a farce that no one believes. Why? Because his past words and deeds speak for themselves.

Biden’s 2022 State of the Union address was a huge missed opportunity to change direction and turn the page on a terrible first year that the American people will never get back.

The comparisons to Jimmy Carter will only continue to grow from here.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor, the 2016 deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, and the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the Clinton administration. He is the co-author with Corey Lewandowski of “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds,” along with “Let Trump Be Trump” and “Trump’s Enemies.”

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