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Trump v. New York - Amicus Brief (Illegal Immigrants-Census)

On Friday, October 2, 2020, Citizens United, Citizens United Foundation and The Presidential Coalition, LLC filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting the Trump Administration’s request that the Court summarily reverse a decision of a three judge U.S. District Court panel from the Southern District of New York, which issued an injunction prohibiting Commerce Department officials from following a presidential memorandum directing the Department and U.S. Census Bureau provide the President with data that would allow the Administration to exclude illegal immigrants from the population counts on which congressional re-apportionment is made every ten years.  The brief contends that the plaintiffs – a concoction of Democrat-run states and pro-illegal immigration non-profit organizations – lack standing to challenge the President’s directive, and that the President’s directive is consistent with the Constitution’s mandate on counting the population of each states because illegal immigrants are not part of the “people of the several States” to whom congressional apportionment applies.  The Supreme Court has ordered expedited briefing in the case and a decision on whether to summarily reverse the District Court panel or set the case for full briefing and argument is expected in short order.

Trump v. New York - Amicus ... by Citizens United


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