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Fox News: David Bossie: America needs 4 more years of Trump — Biden is a failed career politician

Vote "no" on Biden’s dark winter. Vote "yes" for Trump's bright future and save the American Dream.

President Trump, the ultimate political outsider, has kept his promises to the American people and deserves four more years in the White House.

Against all odds, this president has delivered huge results despite relentless, hostile opposition from the liberal media, Big Tech, academia and the deep state.

Never before in history have the entrenched elites treated a duly elected president so poorly. Their shameful behavior is proof-positive that Trump the conservative reformer is a threat to the failed status quo the left has worked hard to create.

President Trump is patriotic, tough and will never be deterred from fighting for the people and the country he loves by always putting America first. This president believes our best days are yet to come.

By contrast, Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden — a failed pessimistic career politician — thinks we're heading into a dark winter.

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