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Wash Times: Bossie: Mainstream media dies painful death in public view with '60 Minutes' DeSantis hit job

The attempted smear of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on this week’s episode of "60 Minutes" is the latest reminder that the once-respected "Fourth Estate" is dying a slow painful death in full public view.  

During their hit piece, "60 Minutes" correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi concocted a phony narrative about a non-existent "pay for play" scheme involving the state of Florida's COVID-19 vaccine rollout and a $100,000 contribution to Mr. DeSantis' political action committee. You can almost see the brainstorming session in some "60 Minutes" boardroom with global elites discussing how to "get" the Republican governor and possible 2024 presidential contender who represents a real threat to the damaging coronavirus lockdown policies of the left.

Just like a political operative, Ms. Alfonsi didn't let the facts get in the way of a good story. She failed to speak with key officials in Florida — after being offered interviews — who would have handed her enough exculpatory information to kill the tale she was weaving in its cradle. Even prominent Democrats in Florida felt the need to issue statements to set the record straight. The Democratic mayor of Palm Beach County went as far to say that the reporting was "intentionally false."

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